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The Future

Fun Facts

My design practice is heavily informed by research and user centered design strategies. My experience ranges from crafting the user experience and physical language of autonomous vehicles at a robotics company to researching and co-designing with medical professionals on projects related to health design and assistive technologies. My ideology is in line with humanizing technology and designing products with inclusivity to create a more seamless user experience.


While pursuing my degree in industrial design, my training in 3D modeling led me to become more interested in 3D art and animation. Which in turn led me to research and explore the augmented reality space. I’m passionate about everything 3D and how newer technologies can play a role in the virtual realm.

Emily Carr University Bachelors of Design - Industrial Design 2020

Since I am in the early stages of my career,  I am extremely eager to grow through collaboration. I am excited to learn anything and everything about the industry while bringing a fresh set of ideas and a unique view point to wherever I work.

I love to travel, so I'm extremely willing to relocate for work if needed!!

I have an identical twin brother

I love K-pop!

My zodiac sign is Taurus