Taichi Ball Bluetooth Speaker

self-initiated student project


Problem Space 

40% of elderly individuals (65+) suffer from a loss of physical

independence. Fall related injuries, including head injuries and hip fractures, are serious problems among the elderly as they often lead to prolonged or even permanent disabilities.


Chiball takes a preventative approach to this problem space

through promoting physical activity earlier on in life (55-65 y/o).

Increased physical activity can improve one’s lower limb strength, balance, and coordination.


Chiball is a bluetooth speaker that creates an accessible workout environment. Users can follow step by step taichi ball workout lessons, using the Chiball app, or just listen to their favourite music while working out.


aging helps to prolong our physical independence


Farzaneh Jarfari 

Physiotherapist at Richmond Lions Manor 

Aliez Kay-Kuzik 

Senior Wellness Coordinator at Minoru Centre for Active Living

Fall related training programs are effective, but suffer from low adherence.

This design needs to be:

- Fun & Engaging 

- Low Impact 

- Easy to Learn 

- Social 

Break the Fear of Falling Cycle!


Higher Risk

of Falling

Fear of Falling

Becoming Less Active

Why Taichi? 

Taichi is well known for it’s empty hand and exotic weapon

techniques, but few people know that a part of the tradition of Taichi

is to use a round weighted ball. The idea is to extend one's attention

to an external object whilst maintaining proper alignment/forms. The

size and weight of the ball varies with different strength and stamina


Taichi improves one’s balance, flexibility, and perception of health.

Taichi is suitable for the elderly because it is a low impact/velocity

approach to strength and conditioning.

Mind, Body, and Spirit



Inspired by existing exercise equipment like medicine balls and foam rollers.

I was also important to bring the Taichi elements of flow and balance into the design.


After sketching out a few concepts, I made some quick physical mockups in blue foam to test the usability and feel of different shapes and sizes. I then brought my finding in to CAD and modelled some different options for visual exploration.

Two symmetrical

injection molded

halves adhered to

the plastic inner


HDF allows for an

improved grip, a soft

touch feel, and impact

reduction when


High Density Foam Outer Shell


Large Buttons

Durable Plastic Inner Casing

Charging Port

Ergonomic Grip

3 Difficulty Levels

App Design 

There are several Taichi ball exercise classes that people can attend and professionals have made many educational videos. 

The app breaks down these types of videos in audio form to guide users through easy to follow Taichi Ball basics. 

Lessons range from learning about the Taichi Ball to traditional techniques like breathing and Taichi ball circling.

How it works

Existing Taichi Ball Workout Videos