Portable Work Surface 

Consumer Hardware

Furniture Design

Wood Lamination (Walnut and Ash)

Laser Cutting 

Course project in partnership with 

Project Brief 

Design a portable work surface that can also carry items like magazines and stationery.


This design needed to have 3 functions with 3 distinct visual stories. The mechanism needed to fit in a small space and be intuitive. 


The Mo-Table is a portable surface that users can store items in and carry with them to their desired location. Once there, they can set it down , set up there work surface, and use it as they please. The rotating mechanism allows for the legs of the table to rotate around and lock in several positions. This creates a 3 in one product: side table, magazine holder, and a carrying case.

Design Partners - Josephine Chen and Sam Zhao

mosa final photo 2-50.jpg
mosa final photo 2-12.jpg
mosa final photo 2-7.jpg
mosa final photo 2-67.jpg
mosa final photo 2-41.jpg
mosa final photo 2-58.jpg