Design Lead - Matthew Chen

Design Team - Dalia Fernandez and Aaron Jang

Problem Space 

University Students need to keep an access card on them at all times to tap in to doors. It can be a tedious task to search through your bag or wallet to find your card when you want to get into the classroom, especially when carrying big projects and books. Lanyards are a comparable solution, but are unattractive to the student demographic.


Designing a new way to carry one's card in an easily accessible way while still being fashionable.


"Tap" is a card holder that can be easily attached to any belt or article of clothing with a few stitches. Users can express their style through personalized cut-out details on the cover. "Tap" allows the access cards to be easily accessible on the body and minimizes the chance of misplaced cards.


Fashion-Forward Lanyard Redesign

card holder details_Page_1.jpg

Easy Snap-fit Assembly

Stitching Holes

Friction Lock 

Users can upload any vector graphics they choose. Personalization allows for more self expression and emotional attachment to the product. 

These cut-outs allow for the chip in the card to be easily scanned by the sensors on the door.

card holder details_Page_3.jpg